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Shining and the Darkness 1991Mega Drive
Shining Force1991Mega Drive
Shining Force Gaiden1992Game Gear
Shining Force 21993Mega Drive
Shining Force Gaiden 2: The Sword of Hajya1993Game Gear
Shining Force CD1994Mega CD
Shining Force Gaiden 3: The Final Conflict1995Game Gear

Sonic Co. (also known as "Sonic Software Planning" and "Team Sonic" - not "Sonic Team") was created for the developement of Shining & the Darkness. At the time the company consisted of Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi, Yasuhiro Taguchi and a secretary.

Originally Hiroyuki Takahashi and Yasuhiro Taguchi were programmers for Climax, prior to joining Sega. Being such a small team, they approached their friends at Climax to assist them in the production of the the game. Though Hiroyuki Takahashi was the producer of the game, the group leader was Mr Naito, who is now the head of Climax.

The rest of the Shining games were developed without the aid of Climax, by the Takahashi brothers as Sonic Co. As a Sega developer the Sonic name was used - the name Camelot Software Planning was only used when they were developing for other companies, such as Sony and Nintendo.

By the time of Shining Force III the team had grown somewhat and were able to develop games without assistance, and as such Sega allowed the company to use this name when producing Shining Force III.

It sad that problems between Sega and Camelot resulted in that Camelot will not be continuing the Shining series. As stated recently again on the their Website that any enquiries about that should go to Sega, since it's theirs now.

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