[SF:TA] World
Whatever you can encounter
The world of Shining Force: The Awakening is quite different from what you might expect from playing previous Shining Force games. It's a whole new world for you to explore and enjoy. So feel free to roam round this section, that'll introduce you to your new playground.
Story As you may already have suggested the world is set on fire and tragedy is on its way. But why? And how? And who am I anyway? This is how you're journey will start.
History It's the past that causes today's storms. So prepare that the world's history will influence you actions as much as your own free will.
Characters Who are those people around you and who will join you in your attempt to reastablish peace. But be prepared that only the best warrior will be able to lead them all.
Maps Awaking in a whole new world your first wish should be to find out how this world looks like.
Calendar "Time is never time at all", a different world a different calender a different way of living.
Items You might think that you are strong enough to survive without any help but I can assure you: YOU ARE NOT! So use your items wisely.
Weapons What's a warrior without a weapon? Naked! .. well at least unless it's a monk, or.....
Magic They may be weak fighters but when the summon a firestorm to save your bum there is no better friend than a mage. So control them with great care.
Monsters No fight without enemies. Know their weaknesses by heart and you may have a chance to succed.