Joining the force
Want to be part of the fun?

So you like our project and want to be part of it? Great! We need every help we can get!
On this site some of the jobs are described, nearly the same document can be found in our forum
(->announcement) and you should post there if you wanna join or mail me at
I've added the requirements (don't get scared because of this term) for each job so have a look

C++ Coder
Basically their job is to make the ObjectOrientatedDesign of the game and then set up the code. We have our own forum - programming. So if you know c++ just post there!
Jobs: -object orientated class design
-OpenGL engine
Requirements: -c++ knowledge
Current members: -Develin

Designtool Coder
As a matter of fact we'll probably need some tools to make the designers life easier. Most stuff will simply be textfile editing (as most stats, tiles,...) will probably loaded out of textfiles. Probably even the levels will be loaded from files so maybe it will be possible to make a simple leveleditor. There is no use to code this in c++ i guess delphi or vb might be much better suitable. The difficulty of this task can be chosen by yourself so if you can programm you might want to try!
Facts: -Tile-/Character-/Object-/Item-/Leveldesigntools
-Programming language of your choice
-difficulty of your choice
Requirements: -programming knowledge

Current members:

2D Artists
Probably one of the most important jobs because as a matter of fact we need graphics ;-) and most of them will still be 2D. In the first version developed we will probably use some stuff from the original Shining Force Games (1+2) (eg. some textures) to increase the speed of our progress. So if you can draw you might be our man.
We're still looking for artists as most of the currently listed member work simultanously in other sections
Needed: -textures
-Character portraits
-fight animations
-background graphics
Requirements: -You must be able to paint... ;-)

Current members: -Produn

3D people
I didn't use the word artist here as you don't need to be an good painter to be of use here neither do you need to be a programmer. The idea would be to design several 3D Objects (I think we don't need too many or too complex objects) This is pretty easy in OpenGL and we'll even simplyfy that. So you simply need to be able to image 3Dimensional objects.
Needed: -3D objects and tiles

Requirements: -You should be able to draw 3D Objects in a coordinate system

Current members:

As you might have noticed we have already a small website. But if you are a decent webdesigner you might want to redesign our site and make it more artistic. Besides that the site should be up to date. The current site is mainy designed to reach my goal and get hosted by soundforge (which would be important to our programmers as they provide decent tools)
Requirements: -knowledge of HTML and being able to design a site

Current members: -Develin