How to play the game

In general you can expect the gameplay be pretty similar to the other games of the Shining Force series - with some differences....

XMas Techdemo Exploring towns can be compared with Shining Force 3 and Grandia. Well at least what you call "exploring" in fantasy RPGs - as usual you talk to complete strangers, break into their houses and steal their things without them worring a thing. Well we're the good guys ain't we? The twist that makes the difference [sfta] to the SF I and II is that we'll use original 3D graphics combined with 2D sprites. Looking at our TechDemos you can have a basic insight in the way towns should look like.

In spite of that the world map will be traditional 2D graphics (at least we plan that at this stage). So it's rather old fashioned Shining Force 2 style. We're not sure yet if there'll be vehicles so you'll have to wait and see

Battles should take place in both areas, either in towns or on the world map. Nevertheless it's not even clear if this will be possible. The facts are that we'll ahve round based strategic battles like any other game of the Shining Force series and that you'll meet all the well known troops like mages, warriors and clerics.

Already we're looking to include some extras for those of you that spend some extra time exploring our game, meaning the loved hidden characters will be there. Next to that there'll be some other possibilities to earn extras. But we don't want to unleash too much information before the game is finished so just wait and see.
Coming soon!
Damage Inc
Ever wondered why you character causes or recieves a certain amount of damage? This is the [sfta} way.