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Tech Demo
(ver 1.0)
The first techdemo, featuring the famous rotatable cube!
  • The graphics are loaded from a text file
  • Support for textures and transparency
  • Basic keyboard support
  • Basic Background music

  • Maybe the best thing about the demo is the music featuring Norrin Radd playing the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battle Theme.
    Tech Demo
    (ver 2.0)
    Techdemo 2 features
  • Model support
  • Basic player movement
  • Running round in a 3D world
  • Tech Demo
    (ver 3.0)
    The Xmas Demo features
  • first release of the brand new particle system
  • Basic animations
  • Enhanced sound and music handling
  • RPG style textboxes
  • Enhanced variable font engine

  • Due to some stupidity while zipping the thing (shame on me) you have to move the "Techdemo3.exe" file into the Techdemo3 folder after unzipping or the game will crash with some weird errors.