About the project
A short general introduction

As the "chaotic project leader" I wanted to introduce you to our project myself.
This should give you a short impression of what we're on about and what you can expect. Before I continue I need to thank the team for their support and everyone interested. A special thanks goes out to NeHe for his great OpenGL Tutorials!

What are we on about
The Shining Force series was my favortite gaming series drirng my teens. Before you call me grandpa I'd say that it's not THAT long ago ;-) The games combined the perfect playability of japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy with the strategic round based combat known from Warsong (or Final Fantasy Tactics). We all liked the gameplay and enjoyd the small details that made the game so huge. IMHO Shining Force 2 still is the best RPG around - I played it about a dozen times (and it takes damn long to finsish this game..) and I still love it. It's sad to see that the series had to suffer from a long downtime - Shining Force 3 was never fully translated (only Part 1 of 3 was avaible outside Japan) and there was no Shining release on the dreamcast.

The Project
After finishing my first big game project (a 3D multiplay network racer for university) I've been looking for new projects. As this project was a Linux release (which is bad as you can't give it your friends and tell them that you did that) at first I wanted to change it to the windows platform. But as life is like a box of choclate and you never know what you get I stumbled across Shining Force Central and was (again) impressed by the interest such an oldie like Shining Force creates. So rose the idea to my mind to remake Shining Force and after a short post to the forum the team started forming.

Shining Force: The Awakening should be between SF2 and SF3 according to graphics and gameplay. So I'd love to combine 3D and 2D graphics and have a very capable and customizable engine. Don't expect too much from our first (internal) versions as we will start with riped graphics and sounds because the original content creation will take its time. I' d give you some screenshots or a short excerpt from the story I must disapoint you We simply don't have some as we're concentrating on the basic engine at the moment but this may change quite soon!